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The role of government as I have previously stated, is first and foremost to keep the economy strong.
It has been shown that failing to act on direct intelligence indicating imminent terrorist activity, violating national and international law, or even reversing long-held moral, ethical, and cultural traditions, is considered a venial sin, if your rhetoric invokes God, Freedom, and the American People.

The sole, unforgivable sin in this country is to allow the economy to falter. It is the only guaranteed formula for regime change in American politics.

Well that and maybe screwing around. It is strange to me that politicians whose entire career has consisted of whoring themselves to corporations and foreign governments, which acts impact everyday Americans in their everyday lives, are given a pass for this, but when politicians do some real whoring around, something that in reality affects the public not one whit, they are run out of town on a rail.

Serving the people is at best a trivial concern for these lifelong politicians. Staying in power is the only real issue they meditate upon daily, and because of this the politicians chief public service is that of job creation and preservation, or at least they think so.

What they actually do is kowtow to corporations that threaten to cut jobs if they don’t get their way. Instead of using the rule of law to force corporations to adhere to the law and treat citizens with dignity and give them a decent living wage, the politicians shrug helplessly as jobs are exported overseas, and wages stagnate, while the cost of living continues to rise, causing both parents to work, and work ever-increasing hours, thereby fracturing family unity and morality, and according to whichever doom prognosticator you prefer, exacerbating everything from teen pregnancy to obesity, because nobody is at home enough to cook a healthy meal.

It is a dysfunctional circle in which the people look to elected officials to protect them, the elected officials look to corporate America to provide trickle down help to the people, and the corporations look to continue to exploit the people, while they threaten the politicians that if they don’t demure to them they will punish the people, which means loss of power for the elected. Now after 3 bailouts, is there any doubt in the minds of corporate America that they have been given carte blanche to take whatever risks they want, knowing full well that when the crash comes, we will be writing them another blank check?


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