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The Federal Government has been trying to protect the freedom of the internet from providers like Comcast, who even though almost all of their subscribers use very little bandwidth want to be able to charge more to those that use more. It’s not that they aren’t making a profit, they just want more. So if you use the instant access feature of Netflix, for example, you would have to pay more, even though you already paid for high speed internet. Apparently you should only use that to check your e-mail….very quickly. Comcast also wants the right to monitor your internet usage and sell the data.

The government had successfully opposed this, but a court reversed the decision saying that it was fine for the government to insure internet privacy, but that the FCC didn’t have the authority to do so.

The government decided to give the power to make sure you don’t get gouged, or have your private data sold, to the FTC.

This is how Orrin spun it on his twitter account. It is the same old formula. A dash of fear, a pinch of big brother, and a smidge of potential loss of freedom. Oh and a shout out to poor multi-billion dollar corporations just trying to make a dishonest living.

“Hidden in the financial regulatory bill are provisions giving the federal government power to regulate the Internet:”

You can almost hear the money hitting his campaign contribution coffer, can’t you?



  1. I’m confused.

    What does this have to do with financial regulatory reform?


    Just another power-grab the federal government.

  2. Are you really confused?
    I was confused years ago when I had a baby and a toddler, both of whom needed cold medicine, but I was told I could only buy cold medicine for infants or for toddlers, because of the Patriot Act.
    As it turns out, politicians often put unrelated things in bills for various reasons.
    Legislating who in the Federal Government should regulate the internet, as they do radio and television, is not what I would refer to has a power-grab. You did understand that without somebody to regulate the internet, providers like Comcast and going to sell your private data, and find creative ways to jack up your bill for no good reason? I guess you don’t mind loss of privacy as long as it keeps the Federal Government weak?

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