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One of the things that is most disturbing about our news media, is how willing they are to trade integrity and objectivity for access.

It was a well-known ploy of the Bush White House to punish correspondents who had offended them in some way, by denying them access to Bush officials.

This same type of process was used in the Iraq war. Reporters were embedded with military units, but with the understanding that they had to curtail their reporting or lose their access.

The most disconcerting thing about it isn’t just how willing the media is to play ball in this way, but how little they get in return. What they gain with their access isn’t any exclusivity, it is just banal garbage that every other agency is getting as well, and that speaks to the absurdity of the acquiescence. They are trading their investigative birthright for a mess of glib pottage.

What is the use of access if you don’t use it to ask anything significant? If they are only going to give you a dog and pony show, then DON”T GO. Stop being the tool of political propaganda. Report news, not events, not reaction.


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