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George Bernard Shaw, one of the most quotable men of all time said, “Democracy is a device that ensures we shall be governed no better than we deserve.”, and therein lies our issues, my friends.

I am not going down the well tread path that states that the American people are too lazy or stupid to participate in democratic society. Americans are not lazy, we are working our asses off. states that we work more hours now, than medieval peasants. We live in a time where both parents have jobs, they work longer hours, for wages that cover less, as the cost of living increases.

Wages have stayed the same, once they are adjusted for inflation for the last 30 years. The rich are 300% richer over the same time period. Our gross domestic product has continued to increase, meaning we the workers are doing more, for less, every year. The end result of not seeing your kids except on the weekends, is more money in the pocket of the owner and CEO of the company.

Technology that was supposed to free us has instead enslaved us. We are computer age serfs, tilling electronic pockets of cubical space. I remember seeing movies from the 50’s or 60’s, showing the then common squads of secretaries manning typewriters, or platoons of people crunching numbers. All these people have been replaced by a handful of slaves strapped to a computer all day. The companies of that day were able to make money employing more people who did less work. Now people are tied to work all of the time with electronic leashes of cell phones, email, and text message. Technology has freed the corporations to make more money, but it hasn’t trickled down.

That leads me to another thing. I am tired of hearing that in order for us to improve the economy that we need to cut taxes on corporations and businesses. Cutting taxes doesn’t mean a company is going to hire more people, they will pocket most of it as profit, and maybe with the rest they buy new equipment and technology, which will give them a tax write-off.

The problem we face isn’t that government is too big, and it isn’t that they waste money, because that is the only “trickle down” system that actually trickles down, however poorly. The problem is that the government isn’t doing its job of protecting the American people from the depredations of corporations.

Instead of government of the people, by the people and for the people, we have profits off of the exploitation of the people, by the corporations, who make the decisions for the people through campaign money and lobbyists corrupting the elected officials.

Americans in general are too busy, too tired, and too worried about keeping themselves afloat to spend much time investigating issues and forcing their congressmen to vote in favor of the people instead of the lobbyists.

The news media as I previously wrote, does its part to keep you out of the loop, but not feel out of the loop by reporting all the drama and controversy, but few of the facts, and little useful information.

The first thing we have to do, is to stop believing the fairy tales we were taught that masquerade as history. We didn’t get a 40 hour work week in the constitution, people died to get you that right. The “American Dream” is a carrot at the end of stick for most of us. It is not lazy, poor, or illegal immigrants that are destroying the country, it is the unchecked corporations. They subvert the government and the law. Immigrants have been coming for a long time. The country absorbed the Germans, Irish, Italians, and everybody else just fine. With every wave came the cries over jobs and feeding them, and yet, the country survived. It will survive this round too.

Second, we don’t have much free time, so stop wasting it on watching tv. No more sit-coms or spending the entire Sunday watching football. Spend at least one hour a week on politics. Start by finding out who you Congressman and Senator are and how to get a hold of them. Then find out who is putting money in their campaign funds. Then look into their voting record.

Third, no matter how strongly you feel you are right about whatever political issue, take an honest look at the other side of the issue. Not from any talking head on tv, but searching for information online. If you don’t understand your opponents viewpoint, you don’t have a good understanding of your own.


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