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George Orwell’s classic book 1984, introduced the concept of “Double Think” a state in which a person believes two contradictory things at the same time. I think the idea is generally thought to be exclusively in the realm of the brainwashed and the fanatics, but I don’t think that is the case. More and more of the positions I see the conservatives of this nation take, once examined, are classic examples of double think, particularly how they view an issue nationally against the same issue internationally.

Big government is bad, big military commanded by government is good.

Government spending is waste, but $600 billion in military spending, 10 times the education budget and 24 times welfare, is good.

We support and love the troops, but we must have guns to kill those troops, when the government sicks them on us.

Our cops are acquiring military weapons and tactics to kill more, this is good.
Our military is developing non-lethal weapons to kill less, this is good.

We don’t want abortions, even if the mother is an AIDS infected, crack smoking whore. When that child is born we don’t want to spend money on “handouts” to help him, when he becomes a teen and shoots somebody, we will try him as an adult and kill him. In the womb you are the golden child, outside the womb, we will fry you to a golden crisp.

We are looking to the pro-business Republicans, who repealed all of the laws governing banks, to clean up Wall Street, and stop the liberal anti-business Democrats from giving more money to Wall Street.

Our government is retarded and everything it touches fails, but our country has done nicely being run by the government for the last 230 years or so.

Government is too inept to run health care, unless you are a congressman, senator, or in the military. Those Federal programs function quite nicely.

Having dialog with Iran is wrong and weak, we should just keep threatening them like we have for the last 30 years. That, and the fact we are occupying Iraq, the country west of it, and Afghanistan, one of the countries on its east, should in no way cause them to believe that we are a threat that would cause them to want nuclear weapons.

We believe in the sanctity of the Bill of Rights, unless you let people we don’t like have their rights. You must be a true American to have those rights, and true Americans don’t break the law, so they never need the Bill of Rights.

Almost 8 years later, we believe that Bush did a heckova job dealing with the 9/11 attack by attacking a country that didn’t have anything to do with it, while the guys that did are still free because we only sent 2000 troops after them, because we needed the rest to attack the country that didn’t attack us.

We are at war, except that there was no declaration of war by congress, which would make the war illegal. We are still at war, except the people we capture aren’t prisoners of war, even though we are at war and they are the people we are fighting. People we capture are enemy combatants, which we will try in military courts, but they aren’t in a military, because that would mean they were prisoners of war, with the rights of the Geneva Conventions, no, they are civilians, that we don’t want to try in civilian, or international courts, because we captured them during our war and made them prisoners during this war… infinitum.

Corporations will treat us better, and the rich will pay us more, and stop making everything in China, if the government will just let them do what they want.

And the best one ever….Corporations are people, and money is equal to free speech.


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  1. Folks, this is what you call someone thinking!!! Not repeating 5 second soundbytes they heard on CNN or Fox. We all need to start the process of “Thinking” and searching for the facts again.

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