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The government is not failing in its job, in fact it is doing its job to a T. Its job is to support the will and desires of its constituents, which is does.

The problem is in which constituents are being heard. The constituents that are influencing the government are the corporations and not the people. The corporations, with their campaign contributions, and their lobbyists, and their threats that regulation and taxes will force them to lay people off, are running the country.

It is not the American people that are being heard, but now that the Supreme Court ruled that corporations are people, I guess “the people” are being heard, just not the actual ones.

Since money is now the same as free speech, get ready for a lot more of the same. Who knew that political evolution ended not in democracy, but plutocracy?



  1. Both posts make interesting points. I’ll have to ruminate on them for awhile.

  2. your points in your posts have a great truth in them

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