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I thought this was a really interesting article that illustrates my assertion that the “War on Drugs” is really just a way to generate spending by the government to falsely stimulate the economy.

The country has spent $1 trillion dollars over the last 40 years, mostly on things that they acknowledge don’t work, but that’s no reason to stop failing. I guess the plan is to keep spending on what doesn’t work until it does.

Check out the quote at the end. The question was asked: “So why persist with costly programs that don’t work?”

The answer by Homeland Security Boss Napolitano, “”This is something that is worth fighting for because drug addiction is about fighting for somebody’s life….If you think about it in those terms….you realize the stakes are too high to let go.”

Ok, so why persist with costly programs that don’t work?

My theory, and I don’t think it is too conspiratorial, is that people are making a lot of money off of the tax dollars spent to fight a drug war in the most inefficient way possible. We have more jails, prisons, cops, prison guards, judges, lawyers, bail bondsmen, parole officers, and parole boards than any country in the world, and a hell of a lot more than we did before the war against drugs started. Then there is the DEA, the Border Patrol, and Customs Agents. The Coast Guard get most of their action by drug interdiction as well. All these people earn a good wage for doing a crappy job, but you can count on their conservative vote.



  1. The “War on Drugs” is by far the number one enemy to freedom in our country today. Not because of anything to do with Drugs. It is because it has become a tool that governements and criminals alike have figured out how to make millions while the war only damages the people who can least afford it.

    If President Obama wanted to turn his Presidency around he should come out and declare a total defeat on the “War On Drugs” and start a national disucssion on what we need to do as a society to fix the damage caused by this so called war that has damaged the American way of Life and has damaged the very freedom we are so proud of.

    The “War on Drugs” has demonstrated that there is no different between our 2 political party system. Both parties have used this war to obtain political favors, to maintain a false economy that is partly driven by the imprisonment of its citizens, and as a tool to keep the endless flow of money coming that will ensure there place of power. Both politcal parties have long determined that the monster that has been created is to valuable to them not only for the money but for their ability to confuse the American Public for their own political gain. This monster is so powerfull that they are not willing to let it be destroyed.

    The American People need to wake up and educate themselves instead of lining up on the side of the Republican Party or Democratic Party.

    • If President Obama wanted to help the country he would abandon the War on Drugs, but he would do so at the cost of his political career. The guy has been trying to build consensus and made middle ground decisions for a year and a half, and they still say is in a left-wing radical.
      The War on Drugs is ingrained in the economy for too long, and the money is too good. It isn’t going away.

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