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I keep talking to people who believe that guns are going to protect our rights. By the time they come for your guns, there aren’t going to be any rights left to worry about.

I don’t believe in any conspiracy theories about Obama taking your guns or ammo. The Automatic Weapons Ban law has lapsed and the guy hasn’t said one word about trying to reinstate it. It looks like he is fine with you having your guns.

I do have a big problem with people who think that having guns, or playing soldier on the weekend with your buddies, and calling it a militia, is going to do anything to protect your rights, or this country.

I never served in the military. I have studied a lot of history and try to understand military action to the best of my ability. I want to state that so that nobody expects anything more than my opinion on this stuff.

Here’s the thing. Let’s say Obama turns this into the socialist nightmare you NRA guys rant about, and sends the troops out after you. You grab your supplies and hustle out to the hills. The army comes out, and makes contact with you. What do you think will happen next?

From what I have learned, only about 15% of combat deaths are from guys shooting at each other. I think in modern combat the idea is for the infantry to make contact and engage the enemy, pinning them down and preventing their escape. Then, they call in artillery or air strikes to wipe them out. The overwhelming majority of casualties are from being bombed or shelled. Unless you can buy a Stinger missile, or something that can counter-fire against artillery placed a dozen miles away, your fight for freedom is gonna be awful short, so pack light. No sense in dragging a bunch of stuff around just to get blown up.

The other aspect of combat is disease. Through all of history, most soldiers died of disease. So, make sure to have at least as much medicine as ammo, when you go “Red Dawn” on the soldiers of socialism.

Let’s call militias what they are. A reason to shoot guns, drink beer, and bitch about taxes with your buddies. It is also a good reason to buy guns that look cool, but aren’t accurate enough to take deer hunting.



  1. Thank you for your analysis that illustrates our mechanized army with nightvision, artillery, and high explosive muntions can destroy the citizenry. That is stating the obvious. So our volunteer army, with citizen soldiers and national guard citizen soldiers have no clue on how to handle weapons or respond to armed intruders on their property? I beg to differ. My son is capable of using the proper force and in the proper level of response to a threat to personal safety, or intruders. These citizens should be allowed for open carry of weapons and concealed carry permits without any hesitation on all of us that entrust them with our lives.

    • I have supreme confidence in the ability of people who have gone hunting all their lives to fire their weapons accurately. I just don’t think that they have much of a chance against a professional military.
      That is why we need to act now, instead of waiting for the military to try to disarm you. I don’t actually think that will ever happen, but a lot of our other rights are being taken, and nobody is acting because they haven’t come for the guns yet.

  2. Well I thought I would disagree with prolepolitics on this one but overall I think he has proven that “thinking” has beome a lost art form!!! It has been replaced by cool soundbytes and reacting in a manner that gets us attention like a 3 year old would do.

    Agree with prolepolitic or disagree you are not going to be able to argue with him untill you are willing to study the facts and be honest with yourself when you find the answers and realize that blindly associating with a party or group does not make you right and it does not make you educated. It makes you a blind follower and one day you will be following the likes of Hitler, Jim Jones, or any one of historys crazy leaders!!!!

  3. Most people are for their own rights but are willing for others rights be trampled on or taken away. Yes some may disagree with those peoples rights being stripped but since it does not affect us personaly we let it pass. With that kind of attitude by the time they decide to come get our guns is it realy going to matter? Prolepolitics is right. Your guns will not save you and sitting by and watching rights being ripped away from people and not reacting because you still have your guns is amazingly stupid. Yes I want my right to bear arms. But more importantly I want my right to free speech!! I want a legal system that is fair and just to all not just the ones with money. I want a government that is truely doing what is best for its citizens not doing what is best for their own pocket books because corporations are buying their votes both Democrats and Republicans alike. Honestly I can see the vast majority of rights being taken away and they never have to come after your guns because they already came and took the most important weapon any soldier has. That is “Your Mind and ability to think” without it your weapons are useless!!!

    • That is exactly the point I was trying to make. It reminds me of the famous quote:

      “THEY CAME FIRST for the Communists,
      and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist.

      THEN THEY CAME for the trade unionists,
      and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist.

      THEN THEY CAME for the Jews,
      and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew.

      THEN THEY CAME for me
      and by that time no one was left to speak up.”

      It is the same for rights. Using your right to a gun as a barometer isn’t going to work, it is a gun.

  4. In this country we have needed a movement that could unite people. While the Tea Party movement was started with good intentions I think or will at least give the benifit of the doubt. The movement itself is not about facts and is more about party loyalty than discovering the truth and dealing with it.

    Right Wing and Left Wing can come together and I think we have proven it here. Because here in this simple blog, discovering truth not loyalty to any organization is the goal. Most of the Right Wing I know proclaim Christian Values as a driving force in their political views yet so many of them refuse to look at our Judicial system today Christian Values are void. Left Wing freinds of mine are just as bad but I will leave that for another time.

    Americans have to desire the truth more than they desire being a part of something that makes them feel “Warm and Fuzzy” I suggest everyone watch one of my favorite movies “V for Vendetta”. This is what happens to a nation that refuses to think and react.

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