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I really hate when people talk about the debt run up under Obama so far. It obscures the fact that most of this debt is still W’s. There is a whole litany of expenses run up under George that are still hitting and many that are yet to hit.

People like to act like the train has arrived in the station as soon as the engine arrives, but there are still a hundred cars and the caboose to boot, before we can call it done.

George W. Bush will still be adding to the national debt for years after he is out of office. The tanks and jets we are running all over Iraq and Afghanistan have a maximum wear, which is being quickly used up. This maximum wear is the point at which you cannot replace parts because the frame or body itself is used up. This wear means the total replacement of the tanks or planes, etc. This will easily add up to over a trillion dollars.

The cost to the country for the treatment of the soldiers mentally or physically injured in our longest wars will cost several hundred billion over the next decade, and may surpass a trillion dollars as well.

The biggest expense will be the payment for the wars we have been waging for the last decade. One of the ways Bush decided to make the war more palatable for the American people was by not raising taxes to pay for it. Instead he borrowed the money from China. We will be paying off that loan and the interest for decades.

These are some of the reasons why Bush is easily the worst president of all time, and a man that did more damage to this county than anybody I know. His policy of torture and wars against nations that did not attack us bankrupted us morally. His Patriot Act and reversing Posse Comitatus are among many of his acts that robbed us of our legal rights, and his agenda of favoring the corporations, banks, and the rich backfired due to rampant misuse of power to crash our entire economic system.

Mission Accomplished indeed.


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